Below are some photos of inspirations. This research allows me to understand more about branding, the items to be include in the set to be designed, the formats and more.



Branding for a Japanese Restaurant which they used different emoticons of faces as their logo.They made various business cards. The whole branding is fun, colourful and with handcrafted illustrations and fonts which is similar to the style I wanted to created.

b8a65c8f429043b053ec8d38a9676061 b78b0eed269af483010d4d068fc8d702



Inspirations of Logo & Business Cards:


d395443839cf4a2e8eb064aa48c02de8 0e864e39329a0f762f5da6351fca458cMeat-Bread-identity-brand-design-Glasfurd-WalkerSanta-Cruz-Branding-11

the photo below inspires me on the rubber stamping designtimetogrow0244101d599e7e35c27d7a661c81f0a199200f5a5f956d9bcae88dad2f20ddbe87 cfbcfaf39bfc0fef4cb33bcd4ad82a70 bc877bf2f5308822a63075f1452d333f7c3eefeb142d83c1bd0d826774f9a8f0 0e986565cf330a41b3f820bbff7a9f70


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