I had been researching about hand drawn illustration and typography to reflect to my idea for my project – imperfection.


Below are some inspiration of hand drawn typography using different materials. Markers, brushes, pen, scan and made with illustrator and more.

c381a44c5959c56ef2662ecee7eebe0f 4e13a611af213f702bb328b775b59199 dbe8d8d92872a1cf91c6f58d3b8686ff 2a888b3719f503fce463c5ee87eb8df6 4 6 5c5b4f0cb19f1733ddb99250de9c324c 20 23a9a7c0e2ff88cb1fda817a90d0ac00 25d332a4a9d80411236d824debfc648f013014_ib_06022014_ib_01twoarmsinc_moma_2


Some inspiration of hand drawn illustration, using pen, pencil, water colour, mix media and more:

0cc99da9acda8f8aa1a986a98432b7ce 10-T 480294_10151501050394466_1438719760_n  ec6365f05ad78fee063529fbfdbe65af f55e92fa8c4993e3a5c2ae316bd8642228b3f1b18c12c02f2ee9bf0150ad9de131pizaeb62cf2ec838c1730f201a38db69d998Karie Jane with Bison Bookbinding & LetterpresslazyboyScott_Balmer_Illustration_trends_folk_graphics_91skye-mozi-xmas

the picture below inspires me of combining the stamping with hand drawn illustrations.



Below are other Illustration style which shows the imperfection of print technology with textures added:

twoarmsinc_KVJ_6 twoarmsinc_moma_3



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