When i was researching for inspiration for old and ugly, I thought of retro style from the 60’s which is colourful, shows a sense of optimism through the colours and yet vintage. It reflects perfectly to my idea that i was thinking about.





  • The youth decade rebelled against the traditions of society, be it in looks, thought or action. It was the age where elegance and casualty came together. This season is bold and bright.
  • Young people were leading fashion, style, culture and design instead of fashion and style belonging to a privileged few rich people.  Small boutiques and independent designers meant that fashion was created from the street by young people.
  • Mini skirts from Mary Quant and retro Art Nouveau influenced clothes from Biba contrasted with space-age metal dresses from Paco Rabanne.
  • Pop art and culture was “Popular, transient, expendable, low-cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, glamorous and Big Business” (as defined by the British artist Richard Hamilton). Pop was superficial and modern.  Andy Warhol invented the idea of the superstar and helped create the cult of celebrity we have today.
  • The 60s were the decade that the requirements that women wear skirts all almost exclusively when outside of her house and the idea that wearing a hat (a real hat, like a fedora) went away. Think of all the stereotypical 50s clothes – the sixties killed it. The sexual, feminist, and civil rights revolutions helped create a society that was much more casual in its every day dress.
  • The hippie era was the mid-late 60s, when activism against social injustice and the war in Vietnam led a significant portion of the young adult population from around the world to question and reject their parents strictures and morals, and clothing reflected that to a certain degree.
  • 1960 Fashion: mini skirt, introduction of pantyhose, pinafore dresses and knit fabrics.

The 60’s Style in design

Psychedelic, Pop, Art Nouveau-inspired curvilinear shapes


one of the famous designers of the 60’s, whose work is best to represent the Pop Art movement of 60’s


Andy Warhol, 1963


Psychedelic style


Mod movement


this website tells about this subculture and have some examples of magazine pages of the 60’s.

Living room design in Good Housekeeping magazine

Bedroom design from Better Homes and Gardens

Print Ad’s of 60’s


Lustre Cream Pink is for girls Print Ad 1960s Print Ad Designs Through the Decades: The 60ssony tv print ad 1960s Print Ad Designs Through the Decades: The 60sLytegem print ad 1965 Print Ad Designs Through the Decades: The 60sHonda Prin Ad 1960s Print Ad Designs Through the Decades: The 60s

Packagings of 60’s



60s And ’70s Packaging


Bottles by Louis Swart, a celebrated Dutch designer of grocery packaging.


an advertorial concept by Champion Papers.


The U.K. grocer Sainsbury’s had some amazing design for their in-house products.


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2206638/Milan-Fashion-Week-Moschino-brings-swinging-60s-catwalk.htmlIt was all about the flower power on the Moschino catwalk as models donned bright huesThe swinging sixties are back with a bang according to Moschino's catwalk show in Milan today

the 60’s inspired pacakaging







some inspirations from pintrest

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi[no title] 19671966 Plymouth brochure, Five ways to let yourself go | Flickr - Photo Sharing!im not sure it is from 50-60s.. Vintage packagingLetterology: Aeroflot in the 1960sLetterology: Aeroflot in the 1960sLetterology: Aeroflot in the 1960sJapanese Poster: Paper Dress Show. Hirokatsu Hijukata. 1967.

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