Since the idea of my project is about being optimist, link to retro style and imperfections as it relates to the old and misshapen vegetables and fruits, the 60’s style is suitable for my idea . The used of bright and contrast colours and the imperfection of their printing technology made it as the best example for my design direction.

I had been researching about the colour schemes of the 60’s which creates the vintage feel. Psychedelic and pop art began during the 60’s and I will be exploring the colour from these too. Besides I also go through the meaning and psychology  of colours, finding the most suitable colour to use and at the same time still remain the vintage feel.






Colours which shows OPTIMISM:

  • Yellow (offering hope, cheerful, confidence)
  • Orange ( helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief. It helps us to look on the bright side of life.)

Colours which shows OLD:

  • Grey (Some shades of gray are associated with old age, death, taxes, depression or a lost sense of direction. )

 examples of combination of grey & yellow/orange/ yellowish orange:

60s style porcelainbowlyellow yellow yellow!havank - Google zoekenmini moderns - peggy wallpaper - mustard




this website shows the 60’s combinations of colours focusing on the psychedelic movement.

colour combinations - contrasting colors of the sixties
C4M65Y100 | C80M10Y40 | M90Y50 | C30M100Y80K20 | C20M40Y85K5 | C45
Shades of pink with a burst of orange.

colour combinations - pink and green sixties look
C23M20Y25 | M53 | C35M85 | C50Y90 | C60M100K10
Relive the sixties with these pretty pinky purples and yellowish green.

sixties palette in layout
A rather tame mix of colors (compared to other color combos of the time).

colour combinations - complementary and opposites - colors of the sixties
C100M40 | M47Y100 | C10M95Y5
Shades of the sixties with blue, orange, and pink.

colour combinations - green orange and purple
C70M5Y100 | M100Y100 | C53M100 | White
Throw a reddish orange in the middle of green and purple.

colour combinations - yellow, magenta, cyan, green, purple
Y100 | M100 | C100 | C50Y100 | C70M70
Here’s a psychedelic look for you: pure yellow, magenta, cyan, green, and purple.

colour combinations - pastel pinks and black palette
M65Y25 | M30Y10 | C65M10 | M50Y45 | White | C40K100
From the softer side of the sixties, the early years of cool pinks, baby blue, and a dose of warm tangerine too.

colour combinations - purple, yellow, and pink 60s color
Y100 | M100 | C30M100K13 | C100M100
No shrinking violets here along with pure yellow.

sixties palette in layout


this website shows come colour palettes which inspired by the 60’s fashion

8. 1964


Popperfoto/Contributor / Getty Images

9. 1966


Popperfoto/Contributor / Getty Images

10. 1967


Popperfoto/Contributor / Getty Images

11. 1967


Popperfoto/Contributor / Getty Images

12. 1967


a website featuring lots of retro colour palettes and i had pick out some related to the 60’s


other examples of inspirations:


Modern Neon Hardwood Dinner Plate /


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